Mr Pat Ellis: Team Leader: Reiki Healer: Spiritual Healing Trainer and Assessor: Spiritual Medium.

 I have studied and worked with Life's Spiritual philosophy over a period of 60 years. During this time, I have found it to be the only philosophy capable of bringing peace,tranquillity and logic of mind together in order to give me a way of life beyond compare, within the answers that I have been seeking. It has allowed me to form a great companionship with my spirit friends, who have also become my guides and mentors within the different facets of my work, as a spiritual medium. I am also greatly assisted by my wife Elsie, who is also a spiritual healer. Both of us having qualified within The National Federation of Spiritual Healers, but are now members of The Lincolnshire Association of Spiritual Healers, which we helped to form from its infancy. This has now become a flourishing group within its own right, having many members. 

Mrs Elsie Ellis: Group Organiser: Spiritual and Reiki Healer: Aurograph Medium: Group Trainer for beginners.

I have been making and seeking my truth into this way of life for the last 24 years, together with Pat since we first came together, and have travelled this pathway of life ever since. During this time , we have helped a great many people, whom I am happy to call friends, to come into the realisation of who and what they are, together with the knowledge of, from where they have come in life, and to where they are going, discovering their own pathway of life. The Starlight Group, have raised many thousands of pounds, which we have donated to various charities and causes. This we are still doing at the present time, under the banner of The Starlight Meditation and Awareness Group. This group providing many types of help to all comers, helping them in their different ways of development, and so discover self as a free spirit. Within this they learn to love self and each other . Specialised training classes of Phychic Awareness, Healing and Mediumship, are also held within The Starlight training groups. 

Elda Amato: Secretary; Tarot / Angel Card Reader and Crystals / Healing Practitioner / Trainer

My name is Elda and I work as secretary to the Starlight Group. I have attained considerable commercial experiences, including the management of busy residential homes and developing interpersonal social skills programmes in socially deprived community sectors. My spiritual awareness began in the seventies when I attended spiritualist churches. During this time my interest in Tarot cards arose, I incorporate Angel Cards with Tarot cards. I am a qualified, registered Healer, delivering training development classes. I continue to develop understanding about healing crystals. You will find me at all events promoting beautiful healing crystals, angel cards and meditation music to raise funds.

Mr David Groves: Treasurer - Healer.

I enjoyed a successful career up to being medically retired. My retirement has been anything but quiet.  My volunteer role in the Starlight Group is that of treasurer working closely with Pat and Elsie Ellis, I am now a registered healer with the Lincolnshire Association of Healers formed under the umbrella of The Alliance of Healing Associations. The fund raising efforts by all our Starlight supporters continues to raise much needed funds. I can truthfully reflect and confirm "I find working within the Starlight Group to be of great personal benefit in terms of physical and spiritual well being". I welcome many happy years association within the growth of the Starlight Group.

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